Our Vision

Village Park provides the next-level amenities, services and surroundings our members need to live fully, comfortably and safely.

When designing Village Park, we kept in mind the basic principle of “Living Well”. This principle is evident in every detail from the architecture to the carefully planned gardens and pathways which encourage getting out, staying active and “smelling the roses” of life.

At Village Park we encourage independence and diversity of daily activities. We accomplish this by offering numerous amenities and activities to give everyone an opportunity to participate in making the most of each and every day.

We believe life should be lived with passion. We look for it in our staff and encourage it in our residents. We feel our village is an extension of your family and welcome family and friends to become active participants and visitors of our community.


Ultimately, Village Park is about independence when you want it and assistance if you need it. A lifestyle for today with a solution for tomorrow.

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